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Hummer h1 / humvee brush guard

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Jobless Loser
RED PART OF THE Southern California
For sale, extremely heavy duty humvee or H1 hummer brush guard,
This brush guard is made of 3/16 thick wall iron,
It folds down when you need to open the hood,
It gives 4.5 inches of distance from the hood when closed for extra safety,
This brush guard is not made of tube,
This brush guard is exactly the same width as the hummer.
This brush installation is bolt on only with grade 8 bolts ( comes with it )
This brush guard is very heavy ( for a reason)
This brush guard comes with all necessary hardware
This brush guard comes professionally semigloss fine texture painted and finished.
This brush guard can push a vehicle blocking your way,
This brush guard when installed does not move even half a millimeter, its so solid it’s like extension of the trucks frame,
This brush guard is made to do its job and not be ornamental toy,
This brush guard is made not to only look tough but it’s actually a beast of a unit.

Fits all ECV, REV, H1 HUMMER, and other HUMVEE versions

650 plus shipping.
I can vouch for these amazing brush guards. Literally should be bullet proof. 1/4 inch wall steel two inch square piping. Solid bumper attachment. Awesome all around!