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Lot of take-off and spares (half shafts, updated engine, transfer case parts, etc)

Asking Price (USD)
Or Best Offer or Firm Price?
I probibly still have them! I have a giant crate full of the parts I kept. Are you local and can come grab them? I'm in hendersonville NC
not local, i am up in RI. I do drive through NC at least once a year. would shipping them be to much trouble?
ah, gotcha, no it shouldn't be. The half shafts are at the bottom of a box in my warehouse, and the box is up on the top of a pallet rack. I just have to pull its down, dump all the stuff out, and throw them on a pallet to ship up. What are they worth to you (plus shipping)? Id like to send all of the ones I have, some are good some are ripped boots. I dont mind doing it it's just not super straight forward where they are sitting at the moment! If you gave me a couple weeks I could get it taken care of
When ya dig out the pallet- I am interested in the transfer case parts you have.
I need to replace my planetary assembly
Also the various parts needed to go back to full time 4wd, i think I saved them all but not 100%.

I would need everything shipped to 89005. Not sure what parts ya have left or if all gone.