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Selling H1 - have spare parts to sell

Asking Price (USD)
Or Best Offer or Firm Price?


Auburn, CA
I'm selling my 1998 HMCO and I have a bunch of parts that are take-offs or new parts I ordered but had not installed yet. I'm open to offers on all:

1) Centramatic Wheel Balancers - set of 4. Used. I took these off when I put the factory 17's and 40" tires on. $125 plus shipping SOLD

2) Front springs for winch-equipped H1 - pair. I bought these to get rid of the slight sag but no need for them now. Brand new, still in the boxes they came in from HummerPartsGuy. $393 ea new, I'll let them go for $750 plus shipping (which won't be cheap due to weight).

3) Front brake calipers - pair. Brand new. Paid $95 each. Will sell for $175 plus shipping.

4) Mod Mafia / Blue Hummer Brake Lines. Brand new - 3 short, 1 medium. Paid $313. Will sell for $275 plus shipping.
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Will, sorry I didn't get a notification on the reply. I will PM you now. These were on the truck when I got it and had 16.5" wheels at the time.