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Misc Parts Dump

Asking Price (USD)
Or Best Offer or Firm Price?


Sagle, ID
2 ea. 12.1 Non-ABS Rear Halfshafts- $850

2ea. 12.1 Upper Gear w/bearings- $275

Rubber Door Glove Box- $100

Alpha Accelerator Pedal Bracket 6017872- $40- SOLD

Front Door Wiring Harness(power door locks and windows) 6003591- $200- SOLD

Hood Latch Strap + Bumper- $30

Door Lock Actuator- $30

Lower Windshield Trim Gray 6010265- $100. (HPG current price is $226)

IP Lower Edge Close-Out Piece 6006289- $20 SOLD

Front 10.3 Driveshaft with fresh U-Joints and Carrier Bearing(Used)- $200- SOLD

All parts new except as noted. Price does not include shipping from zip 83860.


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For the rubber door glovebox, what goes in the hole on the front? The lock I’m assuming?

I have no door on my current glovebox so I don’t have a current lock. Is there a part number of the lock I could buy for it to go along with the glovebox you’re selling?
So driver's door has to be locked or unlocked manually because when I press any of the lock buttons, it makes a noise like it is attempting to lock or unlock but will not fully move the post. That is the lock actuator that is causing my problem, right? If so, your door lock actuator should fix that problem?
They can also be disassembled, cleaned, relubricated and reinstalled. If you do a quick search you'll find a bunch of people who have resurrected them.