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HMMWV engine parts for sale

Asking Price (USD)
Or Best Offer or Firm Price?


New member
I have a buffet of parts to sell now that my engine swap project is coming to a close. These are all located in central Ohio at the moment. The transmission is crated up and can be shipped pretty easily. The other parts could also be crated if someone wanted them to be. I don't have a history on this except for the HMMWV odometer had 1400 miles on it. When I opened it up, the inside condition of the engine testified that that number was likely very accurate. Not shown in the pictures is the heads that came off the same engine. If someone has an interest, I'm open to a conversation. I'm new to the forum and was invited here by another member that has a HMMWV - he suggested I give it a try.

I think the generator is a 200A. The turbo is intact. If there is anything in the pictures that catches your eye, please speak up.

Thank you for letting me post here.

I don't know how to price this so I'll post the transmission price as a core for $400 and I understand the generator would be viewed as the same so $400 on that too. The rest can be open to offers and if I'm violating any forum rules, please let me know ASAP


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