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1994 Hummer H1 XLC2 - 2 Door

Asking Price (USD)
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E55 Bulldog

Lead Driver
Wilmington, NC
Please contact me with any questions 910-622-2847

1994 Hummer H1 XLC2 2 Door - Fresh Build Just Completed.

This truck has the 6.5NA motor and 4L80e transmission. This is personally my favorite combo for the H1 because its fully mechanical and does not have any of the common fail points like on the 96-04 turbo trucks (no ECU, no ABS/TT4, no PMD, no #8 cylinder issues). If you are new to the H1 and not a mechanic this is what you want. Turn the key and go, this truck will not leave you stranded.

List of Parts and Work:

Suspension, Driveline, Under Truck Upgrades / Parts:
- New AM General Upper Control Arms
- New AM General Lower Control Arms
- New AM General Front Plow Springs
- New AM General light duty Rear Springs
- New AM General 10k Shocks
- New AM General Shock Mounts
- New AM General Front and Rear Spring Seats
- New Moog Problem Solver Upper Ball Joints
- New Moog Problem Solver Lower Ball Joints
- New Moog Problem Solver Tie Rods
- New Moog Problem Solver Radius Rods
- New Moog Pitman Arm
- New Moog Idler Arm
- Refinished Under Carrage Protection
- refinished front and rear bumpers
- Upgraded HD steering link
- New Front and Rear Rotors
- New Front and Rear Hawk Brake Pads
- Rear Caliper Seal replacement kit
- New halfshaft hardware and nordlock washers
- New Transfercase Output seal
- New Output seal on geared hubs
- 4 New Geared Hub access covers
- Differential Seal replaced
- New Transmission pan
- New Fuel Lift Pump
- Shorty Exhaust / Muffler Delete (OEM muffler and pipe included)

Exterior Upgrades / Parts:
- Body Completely Stripped and Linex'ed
- Accent body parts finished in textured black
- New RubberDuck 4x4 Tree Hugger Brushguard
- New RubberDuck 4x4 Custom Tree Hugger Roof Rack to fit 2 door
- New RubberDuck 4x4 Windshield Light Bar Mount
- New RubberDuck 4x4 Stage 2 Suspension Lift and Ball Joint angle shims
- New RubberDuck 4x4 Locking Fuel Door
- New RubberDuck 4x4 Rear Camera Mount
- New RubberDuck 4x4 Rocker Panel Protection Rock Tubes II
- 41.5" Pitbull Rocker Tires
- 24 Bolt (uneven spaced) duel beadlock wheels (rare)
- Predator Hood Scoop
- AM General 'Elephant Ear' side mirrors
- Centi Pre Cleaner Snorkel
- Predator Extended Snorkel
- ECV HD Hood Gasket
- New Snubber Kit
- New Door Hinges
- New Window Felt
- New Door Skuff plates
- New Trucklite LED headlights
- New Trucklite Military Front LED signal / blinker
- New Trucklite Military Rear Brake Lights
- New LED Reverse Lights
- New LED Makerlights
- New Trucklite LED side Maker Lights
- Hella Rallye 4000 9" Round Lights (Converted to LED)
- Hella Black Magic Round Brushguard lights (converted to LED)
- 7" Rear Roof Rack mounted LEDs
- 6 Gang AUX Pod (Dash Mounted) and Relay box (Engine bay mounted)
- New Grade 8 Hardware under truck
- New Black Stainless Steel Hardware body
- Reading bed mounted tool boxes finished in linex

Interior Upgrades / Parts:
- Interior completely upgraded to a 2001 doghouse, dash, and door cards
- Interior finished in a textured black with gloss black accents / hardwear
- Alcantara Headliner
- LED interior lights
- Custom Doghouse retrofit
- 9" Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX Multi-Media Head Unit
- Infinity 6x9 Speakers mounted behind seats
- Rockford Fosgate 4.5 R1 Speakers
- Custom Inlay bezels by DES for HVAC relocation and ashtray delete
- Katzkins Leather Seats (Solid Black Leather with Perforated Centers)
- Seat Heaters Installed
- Refinished seat mounts
- New Vents and Bezels
- Momo Competition Steering Wheel
- New Locking Glove Box

HVAC Upgrades
- New Condenser
- New Compressor
- New Evaporator
- New Expansion Valve
- New Heater Core
- New AC Thermostat
- New Relays
- System has been completly removed and rebuild.

- Full C-Service Plus
- Engine oil and filter change
- Transmission Oil and Filter Change
- Front and Rear Differential inspection, flush, and oil change
- Geared hubs inspection, flush, rebuild, oil change
- Coolant flush, new t-stat, new coolant
- New Air filter
- Transfercase Oil change
- New Fuel Filter
- New Lift pump

There is probably a lot more I am forgetting but all in all, this is hands down one of the nicest, cleanest, maintained H1s out there. If you are looking for an extremely nice H1 that needs absolutely nothing, this is your truck.


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