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Lot of take-off and spares (half shafts, updated engine, transfer case parts, etc)

Asking Price (USD)
Or Best Offer or Firm Price?


Lead Driver
Western NC
I recently shipped my truck off for a full Predator restoration and need to get rid of my hoard of random bits and pieces I have laying around.

in no particular order or quantity (check photos). I would reallllllllly love to get rid of all of this stuff in one go. But I will break it up if you want it.
  • transfer case parts
  • at least 1 spare transfer case
  • rubberduck 4x4 rock plates (fits 17" 2 piece wheels)
  • freshly rebuilt 12v proper AM General OEM starter
  • a bunch of power steering pumps and reservoirs and parts
  • a bunch of half shafts in various conditions. most need boots and some have ABS rings
  • exhaust parts (including an OEM cat from a 97.5)
  • a take out engine that has a long back story.... it came from AM General and was on a test stand. its the latest GEP updated block. they couldn't sell it because itd been run for some reason.... anyway, I used it for about 20K miles then pulled it for a spare I had because I let water get down in it. I filled it with diesel and let it sit for 2 years. If you're up for a project, its a perfect core to build up in to a 6.5
  • take out transmission. It could use a bench job, I cant remember where I got it. Might have a broken reverse band, or it might be find (I cant remember what one it was). Its a 4L80E
  • 17" 1 piece run flat
  • couple injection pump and system parts
  • take out turbo
  • warn 12k winch in pieces. I think it's all there, but it needs to be reassembled and any missing parts replaced. I took it apart to rebuild then let it sit for 5 years and forgot how it goes back together (well, sort of, I just never put it back together and now I dont need it)
  • Break rotors (various)
  • break pads (various)
  • valve covers
  • fuel filters
  • crossover tubes
  • take-out functional GM K3500 6.5TD starter
  • random assortments of u-joints and other doodads

I am really ready to get rid of this stuff, so seriously, just make an offer and I'll let it go. My wife is on me to dump it, she gave me the green light on the restoration, but the condition was I got rid of this stuff. I just can throw it in the dumpster though because.... well just because. you know what I'm saying.

I will also have an 8' adventure accessories roof rack, a predator d ring brush guard, and a predator ligthbar for sale shortly. they all are in 100% shape, but need to be powder coated or sand blasted because they look like 10 shades of damnit.


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oh, located in Hendersonville NC (western NC)

I can ship via freight and have a fork lift to load it up if you like. Its all on pallets or in a crate now.
im not sure why these images didnt load before... here's the pile of stuff I have


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Very interested in the brush guard, when do you anticipate it being available? Do you have a price in mind or can I make an offer?
Hey Dave! The roof rack is sweet, its aluminum and bolts together. It's at Predator in California now, if you can pick it up I'd take $500 for it at this point, it's just taking up space out there and they need it gone. The other stuff at my office in NC is all still available. if you can pick any of it up, I really need the room and would more or less be willing to give it away if someone could come take it. Engine, transmission, etc.
(rack located in 1250 distribution way, Vista CA). brush guard we repaired and kept. same with the light bar
I’ll be honest I’m not sure. If you call Predator and tell them you are calling to see if “Sam from HiViz’s” roof rack is still there they’ll let you know. Ryan told me they were going to scrap it but I’m not certain!
Ah sorry man I sold the engine! Someone on eBay gave me $500 and I sent'er flying! The tranny I still have though